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Questions about Coatesville:
Contact Town Hall at 4994 Milton Street
Coatesville, IN 46121  765-386-7205

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Coatesville Bicycle Give-A-Way

Review the photos of each bicycle. Pay attention to the bicycle categories, make note of the top three bicycles you are interested in, and make these selections on your raffle entry. Be sure the entries you choose are appropriate for your current age. The ages listed below are only suggested. It depends on experience and size. The parent will make the final determination on category for their child.

Categories are as follows (6 of each): 
      Category A - Training Wheels (typically age 4-8+, Bikes 01-06)
      Category B - Youth (typically ages 8-12+, Bikes 07-12)
      Category C - Teen/Adult (Typically 13 and up, Bikes 13-18)
Available Bicycles                    CLICK HERE to return to the raffle entry page