Coatesville Bicycle Give-A-Way

Please review the Bicycle Give-A-Way Rules below. After reviewing, please review the bicycle photographs using the link below and then complete an online entry form for the bicycle of your choice. 

Do you know of someone in the community in need that could use a bicycle but does not have access to the internet? You can print off the PDF attachment below with the rules and entry form and provide it to them. Completed handwritten raffle entry forms can be dropped in the Town of Coatesville drop box outside of Town Hall.

Raffle Rules and Considerations
1) Free to enter
2) Only one entry per recipient.
3) Children of all ages and adults may participate.
4) Bikes have been designated for area residents which extends to the local school districts.
5) Bicycle must be for the person that submitted the entry or parent of the recipient.
6) Bicycles are for recipients only and are not meant to be raffled for resale or given to
     to other family members
7) Reminder: This Program is for those that may not have a bicycle or the means to 
     purchase one on their own. We have no way to police this, so it is on the honor system.    
     Keep in mind that if you have the means and still participate in the raffle, you could be
     be taking a bicycle away from someone that cannot afford one. 
8) You must complete all portions of the form using the link below and click submit.
9) For children under the age of 18, you must include a parent name on the form.
10) On your entry you may select up to three bike preferences (1st, 2nd & 3rd choice).
       If you are drawn and your 1st choice is not available, we will check your second
       choice and then your third choice to improve your odds of winning. All three
       preferences must be from the same Bicycle Category as noted on the Photo Page.
11) Deadline for raffle entries is 11:59pm on Thursday, December 9th
12) Raffle will be held anonymously sometime on Friday, December 10th by members
       of the CDR and the Coatesville Police Department.
13) Winners will be notified by phone and/or email on Friday, December 10th.
14) Bicycles must be picked up on Saturday, December 11th between the hours of
      10:00am and 1:00pm at the Coatesville Police Department.
15) When picking up a bicycle, a parent must accompany any winner under the age of
      18. If you are under 18, bicycles will not be released without a parent present.
16) By entering this contest, you agree to adhere to all bicycle safety rules, secure and
      properly store your bicycle when not in use, and will always wear a bicycle helmet
      when operating the bicycle.  Each Bicycle will come with a helmet.
17) Only winners will be notified. If you have not received a notification by 6:00pm 
       on Friday, December 10th, we are sorry that you did not win the raffle.
18) Once the bicycle has been released, the CDR and the Coatesville Police Department,
      relinquish all rights to the bicycle and it becomes the property and responsibility
      of the new owner (parent if a minor).
19) Bicycles are used and refurbished as previously noted. Blemishes such as scratches, 
      rust, etc. could be present as these are not new bicycles.  
20) Bicycles do not come with any warranty or guarantees.
21) Multiple entries by family are permitted, but the recipient can only enter one time.
      Therefore, a family with multiple children or adults can enter as long as only one 
      entry per recipient is submitted. There is no guarantee that any member of the
      household will win. Odds of winning depends on the number of entries received.

To View the Bicycles available, Please CLICK HERE
To Enter the Raffle, Please CLICK HERE
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