We will have two check-in times for the 2017 show as noted below:

1) 7am early check-in: For those wanting to attend the Goodwill Donation breakfast at the
           Firehouse like we had in 2016.  Great breakfast and they welcome your donations.
2) 9am check-in:  Our normal check-in for the show for those not attending the breakfast.  
           Check-in will be open from 7am to 11am, so come anytime you like.
Our 6th Annual Show is schecduled for July 21st, 2018 (always the third Saturday in July).  The rain date is July 28th.  Links to all Car Show Information is below.

PLEASE NOTE: The car show is open to the first 200 registered cars.  Due to the high number of pre-paid registrations in 2017 and the rain guarantee, we suspect the show may sell out on-line or leave just a handful that can register at the show.  Plan to register early to guarantee your spot.  Cars must be registered to enter the show.
Saturday, July 17th, 2021
$25.00 Entry Fee

Car Show Judging
This is a participant voting show. 

      1) Vote on your Top 15 show picks (but not your own vehicle)
      2) Vote on your pick for Best Car
      3) Vote on your pick for Best Truck
      4) Vote on your pick for Best Motorcycle
      5) Vote on your pick for Top 5 Tractors

We do our best to make sure everything is fair for all attendees where voting and award distribution is concerned. We understand the concerns that have been raised at other events where award distribution may have been lopsided to a certain group of individuals, a club, or event car show core staff. As a result of what we have learned from other shows over the years with participant voting, we have initiated the following process:

    1) Car show volunteers (those who volunteer the day of the show only) are allowed to enter 
        the show.
      2) Core volunteers such as the event coordinator and anyone else highly connected to and 
        involved in the show's day-to-day planning are not allowed to enter the show.
      3) Core town personnel and town equipment cannot be entered into the show.
      4) While we have no way to control this, we recommend that attendees do not vote on their 
        own vehicle.
      5) When the participant voting numbers have been calculated, we evaluate the results prior to 
        the awards ceremony. We look for irregularities such as the majority of members in the 
        same club scoring in the Top 50, etc. If we find any questionable voting resulting in the 
        majority of club members finishing in the Top 50, we reserve the right to initiate a cap on the 
        number of awards a club can win. That cap is typically three (3), but can vary depending on 
        the size of the club and number of members attending the event. 
          Note: To date we have never had an irregularity where a club is concerned and we had to 
        initiate a cap.
      6) With few exceptions, we try to ensure a person does not win multiple awards. While there are
         couple of situations where this is possible, the majority of awards we prevent this from 
        happening. For example, if a car places in the Top 50 and is also selected for a specialty 
        award, we will award them the specialty trophy only. Their Top 50 spot will then be given to 
        the 51st car. This is done in order to spread the wealth and award trophies to as many 
        participants as possible.

While it may not be a perfect system, it is the system we have created. We realize some may disagree with our process and that's okay. We try to do what will please the majority and hope you respect the process that we have selected.