We will have two check-in times for the 2017 show as noted below:

1) 7am early check-in: For those wanting to attend the Goodwill Donation breakfast at the
           Firehouse like we had in 2016.  Great breakfast and they welcome your donations.
2) 9am check-in:  Our normal check-in for the show for those not attending the breakfast.  
           Check-in will be open from 7am to 11am, so come anytime you like.
Our 6th Annual Show is schecduled for July 21st, 2018 (always the third Saturday in July).  The rain date is July 28th.  Links to all Car Show Information is below.

PLEASE NOTE: The car show is open to the first 200 registered cars.  Due to the high number of pre-paid registrations in 2017 and the rain guarantee, we suspect the show may sell out on-line or leave just a handful that can register at the show.  Plan to register early to guarantee your spot.  Cars must be registered to enter the show.
Saturday, July 17th, 2021
$25.00 Entry Fee

Car Show Parking

Everyone coming to attend the show should come in on Hadley Street that runs on the north side of the First National Bank.  This would include visitors, show attendees, and car clubs.


Parking is located along the Vandalia Trail behind the southside of the buildings running parallel to Main Street.  Car show personnel will direct you when you come in on Hadley Street.  Please be sure to let them know you are a visitor so they do not assume you are a resident.


If you are attending the show with your car, come in on Hadley Street and you will be directed to check-in and the pre-registration area.  Note that all parking is on a first-come first-parked basis.  No locations or specific spots along the street are guaranteed.


Club parking areas have already been reserved for the "Southside Mustang and Fast Fords" club and the "Hoosier State Chevelle Association".  If your club is expecting 10 or more cars to attend and you would like to request a reserved parking area, please contact the show coordinator, Steven Schultz to discuss.  His cell phone is 602-421-0081.  Please call Monday thru Friday durning normal business hours.  Leave a callback number if not available.

NOTE:  On the day of the show, we cannot accommodate group parking if everyone arrives at different times and does not already have a reserved club spot.  Parking on the day of the event is first-come, first-parked.  If you have not reserved club parking, the only way we can accommodate club parking the day of the event is if everyone arrives together.  If your club wishes to do that and needs a meeting place, your best bet is to meet as a club in the parking lot of the Bank in Coatesville and then come in together once everyione has arrived. 

For reserved club spots, we only hold them until 9am if your club members have not pre registered for the event.  If no cars for the club have arrived by that time, we will release the spot.  However, if several of the club members have pre-registered for the event, the spots for any pre-registered only will be held and will not be released. 

For car clubs, it is highly recommended to pre-register for the event so we can get you through the check-in process in less than a minute and guarantee your club parking.