We will have two check-in times for the 2017 show as noted below:

1) 7am early check-in: For those wanting to attend the Goodwill Donation breakfast at the
           Firehouse like we had in 2016.  Great breakfast and they welcome your donations.
2) 9am check-in:  Our normal check-in for the show for those not attending the breakfast.  
           Check-in will be open from 7am to 11am, so come anytime you like.
Our 6th Annual Show is schecduled for July 21st, 2018 (always the third Saturday in July).  The rain date is July 28th.  Links to all Car Show Information is below.

PLEASE NOTE: The car show is open to the first 200 registered cars.  Due to the high number of pre-paid registrations in 2017 and the rain guarantee, we suspect the show may sell out on-line or leave just a handful that can register at the show.  Plan to register early to guarantee your spot.  Cars must be registered to enter the show.
Saturday, July 17th, 2021
$25.00 Entry Fee

Car Show Trophies

Every year we build homemade wooden trophies. We continue that traditon again in 2021 and will provide a list of trophies here including a photo of the prototype trophy once it has been designed.  

Expected Trophy Awards:

- Top 50

- Best Car, 1st Place
- Best Car, 2nd Place 

- Best Truck, 1st Place
- Best Truck, 2nd Place 

- Best Bike, 1st Place
- Best Bike, 2nd Place 

- Best Tractor, 1st Place
- Best Tractor, 2nd Place

- Police Chief Pick
- Pastor's Pick
- J.W. Decker Classic Award
- Car Club Participation

- Prestigious "Schultz Cup"

- Fan Favorite Fund Raiser Award - This award has been discontinued

  NOTE: Although the Fan Favorite Award has been discontinued, the award package
  associated with that award has not.  Instead it will be offered as a raffle package giving 
  more options for everyone that enters to win. Starting with the 2021 show, you can 
  purchase raffle tickets and enter the raffle for this item as many times as you would like
  to. It will be a random draw, so a person entering multiple chances to win will have
  better odds, but a person that enters with just one ticket could also win. The benefit of
  this package is that the winner's vehicle will be displayed on the 2022 car show t-shirt, 
  on the Top 50 trophy in 2022, and on the 2022 dash plaque. Additionally, the winner will 
  receive the prototype of the Top 50 trophy with their car likeness on it at the 2022 show 
  and their 2022 show entry fee will be waived and they will be entered as entry #1.