First of all, this is a completely 100% free service to the Town of Coatesville businesses (businesses in zip 46121 only).  If you want your Coatesville Business listed on the Coatesville Business directory listing with a link to your own town page to tell people about your business, please complete and submit the form below.  To see a sample of a fictitious business that will illustrate for you how the layout will look, please click here to view the sample and then come back to this window to submit the form if you would like your business included.  Be sure to read the business description on the sample, that will provide you with more details on this service.  

*Business Name as you want it to appear on the site:

*Business Hours/days:

*Business Address:

*Business Phone:

Business Fax:

Email Address: 

Your existing business website URL (if you have one):

Your facebook page link (if you have one):  

*Description of your business and services:  

*Do you want us to come out and take photos of your business for your page:
  If no and you have your own photos to send, email them to [email protected] after submitting this form.
  Photos of your business store front, business card, owner, and/or from inside the business are recommended.

If yes, list the contact name, phone number and/or email address of the person we can contact to arrange to come out and take photos:

NOTE: Everything you list above will be included on the page we create for you.  Also note that the items with an asterisk are required fields.  Make sure these are completed before clicking on submit.  It won't let you submit the form without them.  

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